Sad news here. GB ARTS no longer exist.
Some Members joined new Bands. Markus Brandt joined Assignment and Carsten attends to Stoner Rock at Mojo Jazz Mob
Thanks to all who supported us !
27.September 2003
We Will play a unplugged gig with RAGE at 10.10 in Tenne-CLub Hamm

18.03 2003
Live-Photos from the "Alte Post"

14.01 2003
A new gig confirmed + lots of Live-Photos

07.01 2003
New gig in dates section

05. Novembre 2002
The first live-pictures from the Gig in neunkirchen are online

20.October 2002
Many people seem to have problems with our menu so we decided to use an new more "simpel" menu. It should work without problems

04.October 2002
Dates update. New wallpaper in the downloadsection

23.Septembre 2002
New Photos online ! In our Photosection there are the first Photos of the new lineup

05.Septembre 2002
DATES UPDATE !! we will play some gigs with "Silent Force"
see DATES vor detail.

22.June 2002
Mp3's online ! Click on download and check out our music. Photos section is online also.

21.June 2002
Our guestbook is online now.

19.June 2002
Finaly ! We have a new homepage . And we have two new members, a new keyboarder called Jens, and a second guitar player called Carsten. At the moment , we are writing new Songs. And after this we will play some gigs . We hope to see you then.